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The Barnhouse SIMPLE / SMART / SUSTAINABLE / STORIES AT HOME sustainable seafood meets a cup of comfort
in this warm winter recipe
SIMPLE / SMART / SUSTAINABLE / STORIES Get To know Electric Cars, from a guy whose only credential is his curiosity

Reliable information and advice for those who care about the Earth, climate issues, and sustainability.

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Community-focused change

How Katama Airfield escaped the clutches of developers

To preserve an 128-acre ecological gem, it took a man who loved planes more than money. 


Living Sustainably on Martha's Vineyard


A Letter from the Editors of Bluedot Living

In early August, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its report, and it told us what so many who work in the climate arena already knew: Climate...


The Pleasure Theory

The writer believes joy is an essential element in the health of the planet. Her husband relies on hard science. Can a marriage (or...

Tell Me This: Why Would Anyone Litter?

We explore the psychology of those who befoul our beaches and roadways. My husband Chris spent the early days of the pandemic picking up trash...

My Mother the Pinchpenny (and Early Environmentalist)

Her thrifty ways presaged the conservation movement. My mother emerged from the Depression, World War Two, and rationing, as a young woman who believed that...

Dear Dot

Dear Dot, where should I donate?

Dear Dot, One of my New Year’s resolutions is to donate to environmental causes. But where is my money best spent?  —Les, Tisbury Dear Les, When I was...

Dear Dot: Are carbon offsets a flight of fancy?

Dear Dot After almost two years of staying put during COVID, I flew to California to see friends and family on JetBlue. The captain proudly...

Dear Dot: What’s the greenest Christmas Tree?

Dear Dot, I know the old fake Christmas trees are awful, made of petroleum products and the souls of children. But what about the new...


A food model of Sustainability


Local and Sustainable Goods

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Reliable information and advice for those who care about the Earth, climate issues, and sustainability.

From news about climate issues to tips on building sustainable homes, wilding our backyards, or cutting back our household plastic use, Bluedot Living delivers enlightening and eco-conscious ways to reduce our impact on Martha's Vineyard and on Earth.

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