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Featuring Laurie David and Her 2021 Nissan Leaf


Community-focused change


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Our Staff & Contributors Share Their Favorite Vineyard Flora and Fauna

“Wineberries! I discovered wineberries back in late July 2006, during the early years of Island Grown Initiative. I saw this hairy, burgundy, tall multi-cane stalk in the background, and...


Kilo-what? What’s the unit for measuring eco-guilt?

We just got our Capelight Company energy efficiency report. The graphic shows three lines. The shortest one is chartreuse and says 468 kWh and...

In a Word: Solastalgia

Solastalgia: Psychological distress caused by climate change.  While the word “solastalgia” might never have rolled off your tongue, you’ve likely felt its meaning deep in...

My Mother the Pinchpenny (and Early Environmentalist)

Her thrifty ways presaged the conservation movement. My mother emerged from the Depression, World War Two, and rationing, as a young woman who believed that...

Dear Dot

Dear Dot: How should I clean my veggies?

Dear Dot, Do I need to purchase a special wash for fruits and vegetables, or is it enough to give them a good rinse with...

Dear Dot: How do I get my household on the eco-bandwagon?

Dear Dot,  I am feeling hopeful. I've dispensed with plastic baggies to preserve food, and upped my game on recycling. I buy organic, and try...

Dear Dot: How, eggs-actly, can I support happy hens?

Dear Dot, What is the difference between pasture-raised hens (and therefore eggs), cage-free, or free-run? I want eggs only from the happiest of hens. Rona West Tisbury Dear...


A food model of Sustainability

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