Even the smallest actions can make a big impact by inspiring hope and providing a model for others to take steps in the right direction. We asked our growing network of reporters to seek out stories of local sustainability within their community. These climate journalists went above and beyond to bring us promising examples of change. Welcome to Bluedot Dispatches.

Local Changemakers

High Tech Helps PEI Prep for Climate Change

Dr. Adam Fenech is standing at the entrance to a drone port at the new $16 million Centre for Climate Change and Adaptation on...

Hair Today, Green Tomorrow

For most people, a visit to a barbershop or salon to get a haircut is just that. But for David Denis Hariohay, a young...

Agroforestry Helps Nigerian Farmers Resist the Impacts of Climate Change

In 2019, Samuel Kwasari, a geology graduate, was managing a farm in Dama-Kusa, a village in Abuja, Nigeria. Worried about the destruction to the...

Plastic Sharks and Coveted Dragons

In 1997, a storm sent five million pieces of Lego into the ocean. A U.K. beachcomber helped build a citizen science project that aims to track those pieces and tell a story about plastic pollution.