Even the smallest actions can make a big impact by inspiring hope and providing a model for others to take steps in the right direction. We asked our growing network of reporters to seek out stories of local sustainability within their community. These climate journalists went above and beyond to bring us promising examples of change. Welcome to Bluedot Dispatches.

Local Changemakers

Trash Becomes Treasure at Mongers Market

“Sundays are show time,” says John Hiden, the owner of Mongers Market, a treasure trove for vintage and antique shopping in Bridgeport, CT. Hiden...

Healing My Mental Health Through Healing the Earth

I pick up a struggling bee with no hesitation, knowing full well that it can sting me, but likely won’t. If it’s living out...

Trekking in Argentina’s Aldea Luna Reserve in Las Yungas Forest

Wedged between famous neighbors — the Amazon and the Andes — Las Yungas rivals their beauty and biodiversity. This relatively small slice contains a whopping fifty percent of the country’s flora and fauna.

This Luxury Ecolodge in Ecuador is Also a Science Research Station

One night while walking through the Ecuadorian cloud forest, biologist Carlos Morochz heard what sounded like a cricket. But because crickets aren’t typically out...