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Dear Readers,

This is my second calendar cycle writing the BuyBetter newsletter, but my first Mother’s Day newsletter. I’ll admit that I tried to resist it altogether, and even put up a fight. “Women contain multitudes,” I ranted to my editors. “My sister-in-law is a mother of four. For Christmas, her husband had contractors install a woodshop on their property so she could pursue her new hobby of building tables — which she's great at! I can’t put that in a gift guide! These things always just feel so sexist.” My editors, both women, mothers, and lovely people, let it slide. This year, I got a different message. It was, essentially: “Being a mother is an awful lot of work. It feels really nice to get a present on Mother’s Day. You’ll come up with something.” So, here goes!

A mother’s love and a mother’s pride know no bounds.
(Courtesy United Archives GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo)

The Mother Who Loves to Cook

The Do-It-Yourself Mother 

  • A great power drill (on Amazon).
  • Remodelista, an inspiring book on how to make your home more sustainable and stylish (on Amazon).   
  • Her own woodworking space, studio time at her favorite ceramics place, or something else that nurtures a hobby.  

The Mother Who Wants to Get Organized

  • Does your mom just want you to help her get organized and clean out her closet? Order these take-back bags, which will keep old textiles out of the landfill and save you trips to Goodwill. 
  • Maybe she’s got a drawer full of old phones, dongles, and digital cameras. Download and enjoy the pictures, then sell the old devices and recycle everything else.

The Mother Who Loves Traditional Gifts 

The Dog Mom

And then, there’s the secret-weapon gift. The one I’ve given my stepmother, my mother-in-law, and even my husband: the best digital picture frame ever. What makes it so great is the effortless, multi-person smartphone integration. (Plus, you’ll print and mail fewer photos, and it turns itself off when the lights in the room dim.) You, your mother, your siblings, and anyone else you choose can easily and continuously add photos. You can even set up the frame up in advance with wifi information, so that it starts displaying favorite photos the instant your mother plugs it in. I still receive thanks nearly every month for the frame I gave my stepmother three years ago. Still not sure? You’ll find even more ideas below.

Happy Mother’s Day and happy shopping, 

– Elizabeth Weinstein, Marketplace Editor 

More Gorgeous Gifts for Mom

An oval-shaped wooden paddle brush with blonde bristles, a jar with a white cap and light brown contents labeled OSEA Undaria Cleaning Body Polish, and a tall jar with a white pump containing golden liquid labeled OSEA Undaria Algae Body Oil, all from sustainable seaweed skincare company OSEA.

Mother-Daughter-Made Skincare

In the 1920s, Jenefer Palmer’s grandmother founded the Long Island Polar Bear Club and took dips in the ocean 300 days a year. Ever a believer in the healing powers of the ocean, Jenefer founded Osea in 1996, a sustainable seaweed skincare company whose formulations she’d spent a decade developing. Get 10% off with code BLUEDOT. Read our review.

A bouquet of three peonies, one cream, one pale yellow, and one bright pink, all made from paper, in a clear glass vase.

A Bouquet That Lasts

Liz Carter always loved flowers. A decade running a fresh flower shop made her realize that her love of fresh blooms wasn’t necessarily compatible with her love for the planet. So, she founded Unwilted. The company makes beautiful sustainable paper floral arrangements “designed to last, just as your love and gratitude do.” Read our review.

A small square cage bird feeder with a copper roof is filled with tufts of cream and brown-colored fur, shown hanging in front of green and red leaves.

A Very Special Bird Feeder

There’s nothing more charming than watching birds, but unwelcome critters often see birdfeeders as an open invitation. Clark Summit Alpacas in New Hampshire has created a charming solution: alpaca-fur-filled suet cages. The family’s fluffy alpacas have plenty of fur to spare, and birds can always use something soft to line their nests. Read our review.

A woman’s hands are shown clasped in front of her seafoam green blazer and black skirt. On one hand, she wears a gold bracelet with a diamond letter M and a diamond tennis bracelet. On the other hand, she wears a thick, flat gold bracelet and several gold and diamond rings, all from jewelry company Mejuri.

Gorgeous, Affordable Jewelry

Noura Sakkijha, the CEO and founder of Toronto-based, “everyday fine jewelry” brand Mejuri, is the daughter and granddaughter of jewelers. But, she says, “we’re shifting the focus from traditional archetypes of gifting to buying jewelry for your damn self.” The vibe is minimal, often with a bit of a twist. Read our review.

A green frame is centered on a light blue wall. The frame contains a planter box full of plants, like aloe vera, cilantro, and mint or bee balm. A person’s hand can be seen snipping off one of the plants with a small shears. Courtesy Modern Sprout.

Gifts for Plant-Lovers

Modern Sprout elevates houseplants by literally framing them with LED-lit frames that will make houseplants thrive. They also offer lovely little grow kits and garden jars. Save 15% with code BLUEDOT. Read our review.

A blonde woman sits on a bed wearing light green and blue pajamas printed with trees, flowers, and sheep.


If you want to minimize your environmental impact but you’re a maximalist at heart, check out Printfresh. The brand makes colorful organic cotton pajamas and loungewear in dynamic, whimsical prints. A cute holiday collection means that anyone looking for fun and sustainable family pajamas finally has a great choice. Read our review.

A smiling woman in sunglasses and a hat is wearing white pants and a beige and turquoise print top.

Chic Clothes and Home Goods

“Women-owned, eco-conscious, good quality, affordable…” home and apparel brand Rockflowerpaper really ticks all the boxes, gushes one Bluedotter who owns several of their beach coverups and bags. The aesthetic is preppy, relaxed, and a bit bohemian: Think Martha’s Vineyard via Mumbai. Save 15% with code BLUEDOT. Read our review.

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