“Eggshells and Coffee Grinds” Program Simplifies Composting



Ok, maybe you haven’t jumped on the composting bandwagon entirely. Maybe you don’t have the yard space for a wilting pile of vegetables. Or maybe your work schedule doesn’t align with the hours at your local compost drop-off. There’s no shame in living humbly. But that doesn’t mean all your breakfast scraps have to end up in a landfill! A new program from North Tabor Farm and Wise Owl Farm, called the Eggshells and Coffee Grinds Collective, urges Islanders to start small by composting just coffee grounds and eggshells.

These two common household by-products are hugely beneficial to soils. “Eggshells add calcium, and coffee grinds add organic material that builds healthy soil, helps with water retention, and even attracts earthworms,” wrote founders Laurie David and Rebecca Miller in an email to Bluedot Living.

“North Tabor Farm and Wise Owl Farm would love to receive these food waste items that may currently be taking the wrong turn into the trash when they could be taking the right turn into the compost.”

Here’s what you need to know to participate:

  • Grab a compost bucket (they’re available for free at Island Grown Initiative).
  • Add your used coffee grinds and gently rinsed eggshells.
  • Bring your collected compost to North Tabor Farm once a week, and empty it into the “Eggshells and Coffee Grinds” container near the farmstand.

For more information on how to deal with compost and other household waste, consult our Ultimate Simple, Smart, Sustainable Handbook to Martha’s Vineyard.

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“Eggshells and Coffee Grinds” Program Simplifies Composting

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