Good News: Boston Lights the Way Forward



New lamps + classic ambience = tons of greenhouse gases avoided.

Next time you head up to Boston for a Sox game, or to attend the terrific climate exhibits at the Museum of Science, head up to Beacon Hill and take a look at some of those classic gas lamps.

These centuries-old street lamps may soon be revamped as part of the city’s efforts to limit its environmental footprint, The Boston Globe reports. The 2,800 colonial street lamps, which line streets from the Back Bay to Charlestown, are currently gas-powered and stay lighted 24/7, contributing some 5,000 metric tons of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere each year.

In March, however, city officials began replacing the lights with energy-efficient LEDs, which simulate flames. If implemented on a broader scale, this switch could preserve the ambience of historic Boston while also cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions. 

Sounds like one of those “the more things change, the more they stay the same” scenarios.

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Lily Olsen
Lily Olsen
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