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This worldwide competition showcases your community’s wild side.

The City Nature Challenge kicks off April 29. Cities all around the world are participating in this annual connection with nature, but it will take a village to reflect the diverse nooks and crannies where you live. Collaborate with your friends and family to help your city rank in this competition to document the most plants and wildlife. 

Started in 2016 as a competition between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the City Nature Challenge has grown worldwide to include hundreds of cities and engage thousands of people to care more about their city’s wild side. The observations in nature help scientists, land managers and the public better understand their local species, so they can better care for their communities. 

Here’s how you can join the fun:

Take photos April 29-May 2: 

You can take photos of wild plants and animals with the iNaturalist app or your camera and note where you found them. (Photos must be uploaded by May 9 at 9 a.m. your local time.)

What exactly are you looking for? 

Any wild plants, animals, fungi, seaweed, bacteria, lichen, etc., you find in and around your city qualifies. You can photograph living or dead organisms and even show evidence like shells, tracks, scat, and feathers. You don’t need to be able to identify what you submit. Just make sure you take a good photo so someone else can make the ID. 

ID photos May 3-8:

You can see what others have submitted through the iNaturalist app, test your own knowledge, and help ID what you can.

This is a simple, fun way to make a difference and potentially win bragging rights for your city. Tune in May 9 for the results. 

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