In a world of disposable goods, fast fashion, and fast food, it's hard to know which products are sustainable and which have been “greenwashed.” At Bluedot, we do the legwork for you by selecting options that meet our editors' high standards for sustainable materials or ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, fair labor practices, and overall regard for the planet and its people. These products aren’t perfect (consumption, after all, has a cost to the planet). But they are better, leading us to our pledge: Buy less, but when you do buy — buy better.

PROFILE: Schmidt’s Deodorant

Stink-fighting beauty. This might sound strange, but when I was about 18, I realized that people who sweat are my people. These folks do...

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Laughing Gull Chocolates

Bluedot’s Food Editor recommends Laughing Gull Chocolate’s elegant, “ethically, sustainably sourced” confections, which are made whenever possible with organic, local ingredients. Laughing Gull asserts that they are “changing the world one truffle at a time.” It’s a bold claim and we think they’re doing great. Save 10% with code Bluedot.   

Guittard Chocolate

Cathy Walthers, chef, cookbook author, and Bluedot Food Editor, loves chocolate but won’t eat just any brand. While Cathy recommends several boutique chocolatiers, she knows she can always rely on Guittard. You can find the 150-year-old brand at a number of grocery stores, and trust that they are making ethical choices.

Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent

Earth Breeze’s Liquidless Eco-Sheets make laundry, well, a breeze. The compact packaging not only saves space in the laundry closet — crucial for a small apartment — but it avoids the shipping emissions and plastic waste that typically arise with jugs of liquid detergent.The strips themselves are easy to use (no need to measure or pour!) and residue-free.

Rakot75 Reusable Bamboo Cloths

Our publisher works at an elegant glass desk that quickly shows dust, water spots, and the like. To keep the desk looking its best, she uses Rakot75’s bamboo “paper towels,” which of course aren’t made from paper, but from quick-growing bamboo. “I love these super-soft yet absorbent towels,” she says. “A single roll can last a whole year." 

Bluecorn Beeswax Candles

Burning candles can create a cozy vibe, but many candles on the market contain plastics that may actually pollute indoor air. (Paraffin? No thank you!) We like the long-burning, gently perfumed beeswax pillars and tapers from Bluecorn, which has been making candles by hand in rural Colorado for over 30 years.

Nui Merino Wool

"Wool may seem old fashioned,” says Bluedot Corporation Co-Founder Nora McGraw, “But, it's great for the planet." Merino wool has stood the test of time because it’s long-lasting, comes from a renewable source, and feels great. Nui makes beautiful, simple, machine-washable merino wool clothing for adults, children, and babies.

Solmate Socks

For some of us, slipping on a brand-new pair of socks epitomizes luxury, while others see socks as a necessity rather than as a gift. Folks from both camps will take pleasure in the soft and colorful socks from Solmate, a North Carolina-based B Corporation that specializes in color-coordinated “mismatched” socks. Save 15% with code BLUEDOT. 


You’re either a fizzy water person, or you’re not. If you are, you need a SodaStream, the magical device that makes plain water sparkle. In this household, (Marketplace Editor Elizabeth speaking here), we drink two to three liters of carbonated water a day. Our SodaStream sees a lot of action, and it just keeps giving, with no signs of wear.

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