In a world of disposable goods, it's hard to know which products are sustainable. At Bluedot, we do the legwork for you by selecting items made with regard for the planet and its people. These products aren’t all perfect, but they are better, leading us to our pledge: Buy less, but when you do buy — buy better. Sign up for the BuyBetter newsletter here!

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Made Trade

Bluedot’s Publisher Victoria Riskin loves the thoughtful, attractive assortment of goods in Made Trade’s ethical online marketplace. The woman-owned, family-run business sells wares for home and closet from brands that use sustainable materials and employ good labor practices.

Opolis Optics

If you’re on the hunt for sustainably made sunglasses or ski goggles, look to Opolis Optics, a company that makes sleek shades from recycled plastics or bio-based materials. To date, Opolis Optics has pulled over 350,000 plastic bottles out of the ocean. Save 15% by entering code BLUEDOT at checkout.

Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama makes clothes that are so wearable, comfortable, and flattering, it’s almost hard not to like them. So when we started to get ready for a beach-themed BuyBetter newsletter, we wondered: Is Tommy Bahama a sustainable brand? We started investigating and were pleasantly surprised.

Vitamin A Swim

Vitamin A makes a covetable assortment of sustainable bathing suits and accessories, like cover-ups, loungewear, and hats — everything you need for a day (or week) at the beach. The brand, founded and owned by a former designer for Patagonia, takes sustainability and style equally seriously.

Out of the Woods Coolers and Bags

Out of the Woods offers an attractive and well-curated collection of coolers, totes, tech accessories, and lunch bags made from their washable, water-wise Supernatural Paper material. It's all very affordable, with the priciest item (as of May, 2023) costing a mere $40. Get an even better deal: Save 15% when you enter code BLUEDOT at checkout.

Okabashi Sandals

The next time you need a pair of waterproof flip-flops, try American-made Okabashis. We love that this company use bio-based materials, including about 40% U.S.-grown soy by weight, to make their sandals. Even better, after you eventually wear yours out, you can send them back to Okabashi for recycling.

Florence Marine X Men's Swim

Olympian and two-time World Champion Surfer John Florence founded Florence Marine X to create sustainable board shorts and clothes that would truly withstand the pressures of sun and water. The company makes almost everything from recycled, upcycled, and organic materials.

Thermapen Kitchen Thermometer

You know what wastes a lot of energy? Leaving the oven door open while you check the temperature of a loaf of bread or a roast. Also, buying and frequently replacing cheap, inaccurate kitchen thermometers. The Thermapen One is the best kitchen thermometer on the market, and solves both problems.

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