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BioLite Energy Products

In an effort to eliminate fossil fuels from off-grid lighting, cooking, and charging products, outdoor gear manufacturer BioLite has crafted an array of camp stoves, fire pits, headlamps, and portable charging solutions that harness everything from solar power to sticks.

Nocs Provisions Binoculars

Nocs Provisions hopes “to make the discovery and study of our surroundings simple” with its compact, sustainably made binoculars. The Standard Issue, Nocs’ best-selling pair, weighs less than 12 ounces, has a rugged yet comfortable ergonomic casing, and costs $95. They’re also waterproof and fog-proof.

Ooni Pizza Ovens

Pizza afficionados love Ooni, the Scottish company that has transformed home-pizza-making since its launch in 2012. The fiercely hot live-fire ovens achieve temperature of over 500 °C or 950 °F, so pizzas cook in a minute flat. As a Certified B Corp, Ooni focuses on being a good company in addition to making good ‘za.

Menique Linen and Merino Apparel

Lithuanian company Menique makes comfortable, colorful, garments for the whole family using organic merino wool and linen, including life-proof merino base layers, athletic and loungewear, and undergarments. A new linen collection for women takes a strong anti-fast-fashion stance. Save 10% with code BLUEDOTLIVING.

Osea Malibu Skincare

In the 1920s, Jenefer Palmer’s grandmother founded the Long Island Polar Bear Club and took dips in the ocean 300 days a year. Ever a believer in the healing powers of the ocean, Jenefer founded Osea in 1996, a sustainable seaweed skincare company whose formulations she’d spent a decade developing. Get 10% off with code BLUEDOT.

Mejuri Jewelry

Noura Sakkijha, the CEO and founder of Toronto-based, “everyday fine jewelry” brand Mejuri, is the daughter and granddaughter of jewelers. But, she says, “we’re shifting the focus from traditional archetypes of gifting to buying jewelry for your damn self.” The vibe is minimal, often with a bit of a twist.

Activist Skincare

While new skincare companies pop up often, Los Angeles-based Activist Skincare has us really excited. This woman-owned company has excellent products and an effective, eco-friendly packaging and refill system that works. GET 20% off your purchase with code BLUEDOT20.

Rockflowerpaper Home Goods and Apparel

“Women-owned, eco-conscious, good quality, affordable…” home and apparel brand Rockflowerpaper really ticks all the boxes, gushes one Bluedotter who owns several of their beach coverups and bags. The aesthetic is preppy, relaxed, and a bit bohemian: Think Martha’s Vineyard via Mumbai. Save 15% with code BLUEDOT.

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