Making a difference

These local innovators are making Martha's Vineyard a more eco-friendly place. In the autumn issue, we shine our spotlight on Liz Durkee of the Martha's Vineyard Commission, the compost goals of Martha's Vineyard Vision Fellow Melissa Hackney, and the changemakers who are working towards a greener economy to power the Island.

Right at Home

The Mazars: A House on a Great Pond

Protection, Restoration, and a Family’s Passion for the Land. Remember the Vineyard Golf Wars of the late 1990s? Three major golf courses were proposed nearly at once — two in Edgartown, one in Oak Bluffs. In the pitched battle between developers and conservation interests, the Meeting House proponents structured their case as a question: “What would be a better fate for the Island and the unique, fragile property — an environmentally benign [so they said] golf course, or a collection of large, seasonal homes?”

Local Heroes

Local Hero: Noli Taylor

In her quiet way, Noli makes a powerful difference. Noli’s bona fides At Island Grown Initiative, Noli started Island Grown Schools and spearheaded IGI’s food waste...

Local Hero: Liz Durkee

“She is so incredibly passionate. She loves this Island and the natural environment, and she wants to keep it beautiful and safe for everyone.”...

Luanne Johnson on bats and COVID-19

To: Bluedot Living From: Luanne Johnson, BiodiversityWorks Subject: Keeping bats safe from COVID While we all know that COVID-19 impacted the Vineyard community in many ways, the...
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Buy Less, Buy Better

Eyeing the Future of Eyewear

With Genusee Eyewear, Ali Rose VanOverbeke aims to disrupt the industry and solve a local crisis. You might have noticed the cool sunglasses Laurie David was wearing in this story Geoff Currier wrote about her all-electric Nissan Leaf. There’s a good sustainability story behind those glasses. Driving around Flint, Michigan, in...

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