Our Staff and Contributors Share Their Favorite Local Gifts



We asked our contributors, “What’s your favorite made- or grown-on-MV holiday or hostess gift?” Here’s how they answered. 

Geoff Currier (“Cruising with Currier,” and “Katama Airfield.”) is an associate editor at The MVTimes. “If you’re looking for side dish for a holiday party,” he told us, “Romanesco is not only delicious but a conversation starter as well. It tastes like a cross between cauliflower and broccoli and has a mild, rather earthy taste. And visually it looks like broccoli on acid. My wife brought Romanesco home from Ghost Island the other day, cooked it up with garlic and oil, and it was great.”

Mollie Doyle (“Room for Change,” “Cast Iron Skillet Irish Soda Bread”) is a writer, mother, and yoga teacher. Her favorite holiday gift is homemade granola, which she usually makes and gives in glass Mason jars. The only unsustainable aspect of this is the amount: In 2020, she made more than 50 quarts, baking in the early mornings, late at night, and between articles and yoga classes. After that effort, she didn’t make it again until June. 

Jeremy Driesen (photographer, “Cruising with Currier,” “Green Economy,” “Kate Warner”) shoots often for the Times’ magazines. His favorite? Lobster bisque from Net Result. 

Kate Feiffer (“Why Do People Litter?”) is the author of 11 books for children, an illustrator, and the event producer for Islanders Write. Books are the perfect gift, especially those by Vineyard writers, purchased at our local bookstores.

Sam Moore (photographer, “Kate Warner”) is a writer and photographer who often works in conservation. His favorite local food item to bring to a holiday dinner: anything made with butternut squash!

Lily Olsen, intern (“Divestment”), is new to the Bluedot team — joining from sunny California. She is a recent Princeton graduate with a degree in political science, and has worked in the realm of human rights — interning at the State Department and the AND Campaign. Her appreciation for nature and passion for human rights coalesce in combating climate change. She’s based in California, and she says she loves to give friends and family an assortment of products from the Santa Barbara farmers market: “My go-tos are infused olive oil, candles, and lavender sachets.”

Kelsey Perrett, (“Kate Warner’s Day in the Sun“) is a freelance writer, and the digital projects manager for Bluedot. “I used to stock up on NYSM (now Happyist) chocolates before I went off-Island just in case I needed a quick emergency gift. Or a boat snack,” she tells us. “They’re made from sustainably grown, fair-trade chocolate, and the ingredients rarely interfere with dietary restrictions.” 

More Contributors in This Issue:

Gwyn McAllister (“Buy Less, but Buy Better”) writes frequently for MVTimes publications. 

Alison Shaw (photographer, “Katama Airfield”) is a gallery owner and photographer. 

Valerie Sonnenthal (“Carlos Montoya”) is a frequent contributor to Times publications, and the Chilmark town columnist for The MVTimes.

Lucas Thors (“Local Hero”) is a reporter for The MVTimes. 

David Welch (photographer, “Katama Airfield”) is a freelance photographer. 

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