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Allbirds Shoes

“Love.” “Swear by.” “A convert.” Bluedotters feel strongly about Allbirds, the Certified B Corp that makes breathable, washable sneakers from merino wool. Anne Kelley, who oversees ad sales for Bluedot, has worn the same pair for nearly five years. “I’m not sure how Allbirds makes money, because mine are still in great shape,” she says. Allbirds has put lots of research and development into creating materials from renewable, recycled, and recyclable materials. We think it’s pretty cool that they’ve managed to turn eucalyptus trees, sugarcane, castor bean oil, and recycled plastic bottles into comfortable shoes. We also love that they offer a 30-day trial on their shoes, and then resell any returned shoes at a discount. As Allbirds works towards becoming climate positive and sourcing all their wool from regenerative farms, they offset all of their carbon.


B Corp, Forest Sustainability Coalition




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