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Boll & Branch Linens

If you’re looking to upgrade your bedding, you’ll find great choices from Boll & Branch, a brand that launched organic cotton, fair trade certified bedding into the mainstream. It’s also the preferred bedding of discriminating Bluedot Contributing Editor, Mollie Doyle. Six different sheet materials (percale, flannel, linen, chambray, signature, and reserve) mean that Boll & Branch has an offering to suit every preference. The brand’s signature look is crisp and upscale: a perfect way to capture those grand hotel, or perhaps upscale penthouse, vibes in your own bedroom. Boll & Branch offers sets with and without a top sheet, a useful option for those who prefer to sleep with just a fitted sheet and duvet. (That’s also a good way to reduce waste and unnecessary shipping). We haven’t personally tried the B & B towels, but they look just as inviting as the bedding.


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