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Laughing Gull Chocolates

Bluedot’s Food Editor recommends Laughing Gull Chocolates’ elegant, “ethically, sustainably sourced” confections, which are made whenever possible with organic, local ingredients. Laughing Gull asserts that they are “changing the world one truffle at a time.” It’s a bold claim, but we think that they’re doing a great job. We respect — and, let’s be honest, relate to — these chocolatiers for punching above their weight, and for releasing the kind of impact report we usually only see from much larger companies. This woman- and LGBTQ+ owned and operated business actively gives back to their community in Rochester, NY, including both financial and in-kind donations. Try the truffles and barks (their specialties) or the vegan offerings flavored with rooibos tea, kombucha, and chai.

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Social Responsibility

Ethical Labor Practices, Gives Back, Woman-Owned