Rakot75 Reusable Bamboo Cloths

Our publisher works at an elegant glass desk that quickly shows dust, water spots, and the like. To keep the desk looking its best, she uses Rakot75’s bamboo “paper towels,” which of course aren’t made from paper, but from quick-growing bamboo. “I love these super-soft yet absorbent towels,” she says. “I can throw them in the washing machine and reuse, and a single roll can last a whole year.” With this excellent endorsement, Rakot75 comes out on top compared to other bamboo towels we’ve tried that either didn’t absorb water, left surfaces streaky, or failed to survive the wash. Let this be a note to all brands making sustainable products: If your item doesn’t do its job and must be trashed, then it’s not sustainable! Rakot75 has been on the market for nearly 15 years, showing that quality and longevity go together.

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