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Responsible Products Compostable Bags

Perhaps you have kids who keep accidentally throwing away or losing your pricey, reusable silicone bags. Or maybe you just hate washing and drying those bags. If that’s you, let us direct you toward Responsible Products’ plant-based, plastic-free, Compostable Resealable Bags, available in Snack, Sandwich, and Gallon sizes. The Ohio company makes biodegradable and compostable takeout containers, plates, utensils, cups, baggies, cling wrap, and trash bags from a blend of plant-based materials. (Some items, like lids, may include recycled plastic). Out of all the plant-based baggies we’ve tried, Responsible Products compostable resealable bags are the winner. The zipper works easily, the bag has a nice weight, and it’s plastic-free! This is an effective — and easy — swap. If you don’t love them, the company promises a 110% refund for the unused portion of opened items. Do note: The zipper part of the bags are industrially compostable only.




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