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Seed & Sprout Un-Baking Paper

Avid bakers know how quickly parchment and foil can pile up in the trash. Seed & Sprout makes excellent silicone Un-Baking Paper and muffin cups to replace all of those other products. They’ll also recycle the silicone for you at the end of its (long) lifecycle and offer a discount on future purchases. Aside from the great bakeware, we love the commitment that Seed & Sprout has made to righting a wrong they discovered in their own supply chain. In early 2021, they found trace amounts of palm oil in some of their products. They immediately did a deep dive into their own processes, donated $50,000 to the Orangutan Alliance, and began donating 10% of profits to International Animal Rescue, Indonesia, which works to save orangutans — a species being devastated by palm oil production. We applaud Seed & Sprout for tackling the issue head on.




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