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Solmate Socks

For some of us, slipping on a brand-new pair of socks epitomizes luxury. Other (some might say less enlightened) people see socks as a simple necessity. Folks from both camps will take pleasure in the soft and colorful socks from Solmate, a certified B Corporation based in North Carolina. The family-owned and -operated company specializes in color-coordinated “mismatched” socks with a hand-knit look. Solmate epitomizes the cozy-chic aesthetic with cottons and woolens in a variety of heights, as well as lounge and performance knits, all made from recycled, Oeko-Tex certified yarns. A special line of Cause socks gives back to charities like Pollinator Partnership and the International Hummingbird Society. And  — how cool is this? — Solmate keeps knit bits out of the landfill by sending 50-pound boxes of sock scraps to anyone who asks, for only the cost of shipping.

Save 15% off your order with code BLUEDOT. 


B Corp, Global Recycled Standard, Oeko-Tex


Cotton, Wool

Social Responsibility

Ethical Labor Practices, Gives Back