Vintage Picnic Baskets on Etsy

When it comes to packing for a picnic, a cooler with good ergonomics might make the most sense, but a vintage picnic basket definitely has the most style. We also love the romance involved in wondering: Who had your basket before you, and what did that picnic-goer put in it? Where did your basket go? Did your basket once bear deviled eggs, buttered radishes, roast beef sandwiches, a thermos full of chilled dirty martinis, and an assortment of charades clues? Or perhaps it shuttled strawberries, sponge cake, fresh-whipped cream, champagne, and an engagement ring? You’ll never know, but you might still be inspired to pack a thematic picnic based on your basket’s imaginary history. You’re sure to find something lovely on Etsy, which offers an ever-changing assortment of handsome vintage picnic baskets. We love this charming green number from Etsy store Chappelsteen; scoop it up before it’s gone.

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