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Stink-fighting beauty.

This might sound strange, but when I was about 18, I realized that people who sweat are my people. These folks do not “perspire,” “glisten,”, or “glow.” They dance, do yoga, play tennis, run, and ski. They sweat, and their clothes get soggy.

Although I found my people early in life, it took many many more years before I found my deodorant. Like many people, I used horrible, toxic chemical deodorants for years. These products had things like Benzene, which is a known carcinogen; parabens, which can disrupt your body’s natural hormone production; triclosan, which is a pesticide; phthalates, which are “plasticizers” (most of these have been removed from most due to consumer safety), and propylene glycol, which is also used in antifreeze.

while I found my people early in life, it took many many more years before I found my deodorant.

When I moved over to more “natural” deodorants, they did not work. Or they would work for a month or so and then stop. You name the brand and I’ve probably tried it — from crystals to creams. By my count, I’ve tried more than 40 brands. 

Then, a yoga instructor made an offhand remark about a deodorant strong enough to bear seven hours of teaching yoga a day: Shmidt’s. My friend Julie and I walked straight to a shop on Dupont Circle where we each bought a stick.  

Let me tell you: the instructor was right. This Schmidt’s works! I still use it five years later. 

Schmidt’s was created by Jamie Schmidt. After taking a class on how to make shampoo, Schmidt was drawn to the work and bought a bunch of books on how to make natural beauty products. She tested some recipes and found she had a knack for it. When she began selling her deodorant at the local Portland, Oregon farmer’s market, it was a hit. 

Retailers approached Schmidt to ask if they could carry her product in their stores. Early versions of Schmidt’s deodorant were sold in mason jars, but as her company grew, they transitioned to the conventional plastic applicators. Soon, national brands like Whole Foods and Sprouts picked it up. Unilever bought the company in 2017, proving that natural products are good business. 

And while I wish they still sold the deodorant in glass, I am so grateful to have a vegan, aluminum-free, artificial fragrance-free, Ecocert-certified, ethical company making a totally effective product.

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