The Cabbage Dispatch: Bea Copeland Builds a Home

Cabbage (n.): a portmanteau of cabin and cottage

Follow Bea Copeland (@bea.copeland), millennial home enthusiast and DIYer, as she turns an abandoned cabin into a cozy cottage she calls The Cabbage (cabin + cottage = cabbage). In our new eight-part video series, The Cabbage Dispatch, Bea makes decisions on sustainable building materials, stocks up on some great thrifted decor, and plans for life in her new home.

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Episode 1

Meet Bea Copeland

Episode 2

The Demo Phase

Episode 3

The Redesign

Episode 4

The Materials

Episode 5

An Optimist's Take on DIY

Episode 6

Big Plans for a Little Plot

Episode 7

Home Sweet Home Stretch

Episode 8

A Sustainable Transformation

Meet Bea

Bea Copeland is the millennial Martha Stewart. With a colorful background in writing, video production, and professional organizing, Bea created the popular apartment-makeover series Bea Organized for Refinery29 and Amazon Prime. As the co-host and co-EP of Cheddar’s first lifestyle show, Cheddar @ Home, Bea’s expertise grew to include home design, home improvement, and sustainable living. Bea’s most recent project is the 2-year gut renovation of an abandoned Upstate cabin into a cottage that she aptly calls The Cabbage. Her work was featured on the Refinery29's series, DIY Dream House, where Bea created complex DIY projects including custom concrete countertops and repurposing an oil tank into a fire pit and pollinator planters. She is currently putting the finishing touches on The Cabbage in Upstate NY.

Sustainable Supplies

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