Wine + Peace = Planet-Saving Imbibing



Buy wine, and save the environment

This just in from Vineyarder Sam Decker (you might remember his early days as a sommelier at Atria, among other Island pursuits). He and his wife Katy now operate “Wine + Peace” — a marketplace where people can find wines that are not only of the finest quality but that also match their personal values.

The Wine + Peace website offers wine from around 30 of the finest vineyards in the country, screened to meet rigorous standards. “This category of vineyards,” Sam said in a story in the MVTimes, “produce what we refer to as handmade American wine.”

Meet the Wine + Peace Mission Box — a lineup of curated wine boxes based on values that are pushing the wine industry in the right direction. Perfect for gifting, these boxes offer a lot more than just wine — they highlight a new generation of purpose-driven producers, and are designed to empower drinkers to see wine through the lens of important social and environmental issues. Each box includes three responsibly made wines (one white, two reds) and a collection of educational materials, such as producer cards and interactive activities that provide hands-on learning. For gifts, each box also includes a personalized note to the recipient.

The Mission Boxes aren’t available yet on the company’s website, but in the spirit of the holidays they’ve made them available to Blue Dot Living readers with free shipping and a 15% discount. To purchase, please email with the specific boxes and quantities you’d like to purchase, and they’ll reach out for payment/shipping info. 

The Human Box ($98 $83.50 )

If oats can be milk, then why can’t wine be a force for social good? By prioritizing the well-being of their workers, these producers are showing us that it can — and guiding us toward a more ethical and equitable vision for American wine. 1% of sales goes to the Agricultural Justice Project

Wines included: Adelsheim Chardonnay (green apples, lemons, the neon tang of seaweed salad), Martha Stoumen Post Flirtation Red (chinotto soda, pomegranate, hibiscus flowers), Piedrasassi PS Syrah (wild blackberry and savory Mediterranean herbs).

The Environment Box ($165 $140.25)

For these new-wave naturalists, organic farming is just the starting place. The producers are also experimenting with biodynamics and regenerative farming practices, conserving energy in the cellar, and reimagining the supply chain through a carbon-neutral lens. Along the way, they’re proving that sustainability and wine quality go hand-in-hand. 1% of sales goes to the National Young Farmers Coalition.

Wines included: Vinca Minor Carignan (wild thyme and crushed blackberries)

-Raen Royal St. Robert Pinot Noir (white caps, moon phases, wild cherries)

-Maître de Chai Massa Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon (lyrical, graceful and precise)

The Women Box ($79 $67.50)

Despite the countless talented women producers out there, wine’s gender inequality persists. For example, only 4% of California wineries are currently owned by female winemakers. This box features three women who are among this tiny minority, and who are inspiring a future of gender equality in wine and beyond. 1% of sales goes to Alianza Nacional de Campesinas.

Wines included: Birdhorse Verdelho (tart green papaya, taro root, citrus raita), Gamine Grenache (wild currants and shimmering pink peppercorns), Keep Pinot Meunier (June-ripened strawberries, a dash of dandelion greens)

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