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Awoo Dog Gear

Finley the papillon, Bluedot’s Chief Sustainable Paw-ducts Tester and goodest boy of Marketplace Editor Elizabeth, loves Awoo Pets. This woman-founded and -owned brand carries chic walking essentials, wool toys, and attractive home goods like scalloped ceramic dog bowls. Together, Finley’s new leash, collar, and harness account for about 14 single-use water bottles’ worth of recycled plastic. The walk set comes in six attractive colors, all of which have perfectly matching buckles: a big plus for any dog (or owner) that values fashion as highly as Finley does. The buckles work smoothly, the harness goes on easily, and the leash feels good in the hand. The wool bone seems to be an endless source of fun, and continues to be a distraction — even when it’s time for a walk. For every order placed, Awoo plants three trees.


Global Recycled Standard


Silicone, Wool, Recycled Materials


Recycled, Trade-In or Resale Program

Social Responsibility

Carbon Credits, Gives Back, Plants Trees, Sustainable Packaging, Woman-Owned, Woman-Founded