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Bluedot Living magazine is published quarterly (three times in 2021) by The Martha’s Vineyard Times, publishers of The Martha’s Vineyard Times weekly newspaper, Martha’s Vineyard Arts & Ideas Magazine, Edible Vineyard Magazine, The Local, The Minute daily newsletter, Vineyard Visitor, and the websites MVTimes.com, VineyardVisitor.com, and MVArtsandIdeas.com. The print version of Bluedot Living is available at newsstands, select retail locations, inns, hotels, and bookstores, free of charge. Bluedot Living is printed on recycled material, using soy-based ink in the U.S.A. Bluedot Living logo and wordmark are trademarks of Bluedot Corporation. Copyright ©2021. All rights reserved. 


Meet the Bluedot Living Team


Peter and Barbara Oberfest

Bluedot Corporation Founders

Victoria Riskin

Walter and Nora McGraw


Leslie Garrett

Jamie Kageleiry

Contributing Editor

Mollie Doyle

Creative Director

Tara Kenny

Art Director

Kristofer Rabasca


Nicole Jackson

Dave Plath

Climate Intern

Kyra Steck

Digital/Social Media

Kelsey Perrett


Barbara Dudley Davis

Ad Sales

Alessandra Hagerty

Jenna Lambert

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