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1st Dibs Vintage Furniture

1stDibs, an online marketplace selling antique and modern furniture, jewelry, fashion, and art, offers an amazing cache of design-forward items. Our Marketplace Editor, Elizabeth, found an extraordinary vintage dining table made from solid cherry wood that can seat anywhere from six to 22 guests for only $1,620. A location filter allows you to search for items in your area so you can minimize shipping costs and emissions. Elizabeth’s table, originally used in the conference room at the Danish mission to the United Nations in New York City, had to travel a mere four miles to reach her. 1stDibs doesn’t have any particular sustainable focus. But, the site makes it easy to find quality vintage furniture online — no used Ikea here — and vintage is always Earth-friendly. The site also highlights a growing list of new innovative furniture designers who use recycled and Earth-friendly materials.


Second Hand, Antique, Vintage