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Burlap & Barrel Spices

For the better part of a millennium, the spice trade has been notoriously exploitative and untransparent. Sadly, that’s often still the case today. Burlap & Barrel sources its single-origin spices with painstaking care and builds supportive, long-term relationships with its smallholder farmer-partners: no middle men. Spices this fresh “are a revelation,” says Marketplace Editor Elizabeth, who now stocks over 20 varieties. She puts her favorite — Silk Chili, a fruity, mildly spicy Turkish pepper — on everything from eggs to clams.

An update from Elizabeth: "I may have had 20 varieties in November; as of June, 2023, I'm probably up to 30 or 35. The Burlap & Barrel-ification of my spice drawer happily continues."


Single Origin

Social Responsibility

Ethical Labor Practices, Gives Back, Sustainable Packaging