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Nimble Tech Accessories

Tech products — chargers, wires, phone cases, adapters, and the like — often have short lives, either because they’re made poorly, become obsolescent, or both. Nimble aims to make those items sustainably and to help prevent existing tech waste from ending up in the landfill. Bluedot’s Creative Director uses and recommends Nimble’s power cords. Wired, Newsweek, and Travel & Leisure praise the company’s portable chargers and phone cases. At a minimum, every product contains 72% recycled materials, according to Nimble’s 2022 Impact Report. As a Certified Climate Neutral company, the brand offsets all of its carbon. Nimble also includes a mailer with every order that you can fill with old, unwanted tech products that the company will responsibly recycle. All items come with a two-year warranty, save the (limited) lifetime warranty on the recycled glass screen protectors.


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