Tarhong Planta Outdoor Dinnerware

At first take, we thought that Tarhong’s super chic Planta dishes had to be ceramic. Then we read “lightweight” and “shatterproof” and thought they must be melamine. And then we realized that it’s even better — they’re mostly made from plant-based materials, including bamboo powder and cornstarch. Picture these BPA-free beauties at the park, on your picnic blanket, as a backdrop for a rustic strawberry shortcake. Or on your backyard table, topped with grilled peaches, burrata, and basil. Chic, right? Over time, they’ll actually save you money compared to buying disposable paper or — shiver — plastic plates. (If you’re thinking about disposable compostable options, know that while they sound nice in theory, they rarely get composted properly.) Two other glamorous words: dishwasher-safe.

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