Climate Quick Tip: Finding Support for Climate Anxiety

Feelings of rage, horror, frustration, and fear are perfectly natural responses to our climate crisis. But it’s important to address those feelings, and to also experience joy and pleasure. A key way to maintain your mental health is to seek out community. Check out these organizations:

  • Climate Cafés
  • Climate Psychology Alliance
  • Climate Awakening
  • Climate Psychiatry Alliance
  • Work That Reconnects Network
  • Climate Critical Earth (focusing largely on support for BIPOC)
  • Good Grief Network

Cultivating support is crucial. Try Climate Cafés, the Climate Psychology Alliance, Climate Awakening, Climate Psychiatry Alliance, the Work That Reconnects Network, Climate Critical Earth (focusing largely on support for BIPOC), and the Good Grief Network, which operates something like a 12-step group.

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