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Shop Without Plastic

A few years ago, a Canadian couple embarked on an experiment: They’d try to replace one single-use product each month with a plastic-free alternative. Armed with that hard-earned knowledge, they started Shop Without Plastic (SWOP), an online store where they’d help others looking to make the same changes. The store focuses on the kitchen and bathroom, the areas of the home where most people can make the most impactful changes.Through a partnership with Eden Reforestation, SWOP plants one tree through every product purchased. SWOP plants one tree for every product purchased through Eden Reforestation. Co-founder Lars Jansen told Bluedot: “Our calculations show that through planting one tree per every product ordered … our product delivery on average has a negative carbon footprint.” Through an opt-in program at checkout, the “average Swopper plants 2.7 trees per order.” Save 10% with code BLUEDOT


Cotton, Hemp, Wool, Bamboo, Beeswax, Glass, Steel, Wood, Wool Felt


Compostable, Recyclable, Biodegradable

Social Responsibility

Gives Back, Plants Trees, Sustainable Packaging, Family-Owned, Ocean Cleanup, Plastic-Free Consumer Packaging