April Showers? Alpine North’s Jacket Will Keep You (Sustainably) Dry



Tommy Rosenberg co-owns Alpine North with his father, Brahm, who spent thirty years in the outerwear industry. They founded their Montreal-based company in 2015. In 2017, they switched to making animal-free coats. Rosenberg is climate-aware and follows a mostly plant-based diet. “I’m not perfect in my everyday choices, but I’m really trying,” said Rosenberg, who wants Alpine North to align with his ethics.

The company squarely focuses on outerwear: parkas, rain jackets, and short, packable puffers, with the same attractive styles also available in plus sizes. As of 2021, the company’s rain shell fabric is 92% recycled plastics and windbreaker fabric is 100% recycled from plastics that, says Rosenberg, might otherwise end up in our oceans. Rosenberg is still hoping to find a way to use recycled polyfill.

“What I especially like seeing is the people [who] we win over that maybe they’re looking for a coat at a better price and they don’t really care necessarily about the vegan [or recycled] aspect,” said Rosenberg. “But when we give them the fun fact that your coat is helping the planet in some way, they’re happy to learn it.”

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Teresa Bergen
Teresa Bergen
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