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Our favorite clothes for spring and summer.

Soon, I pray, I will have both the most thrilling and most infuriating moment of each and every calendar year: my first mosquito bite. It’s the moment I know, from personal, historical experience, that the season has changed. A weatherman has nothing to say about it, and tides and equinoxes have nothing to do with it (I don’t think). But it’s the official start of leaving-the-house-without-always-having-something-long-sleeved-just-in-case season. And, oh, what a season it is!

As a native Angeleno, I believe that sunny, dry days with temperatures from 68-78 degrees Fahrenheit are my birthright. New York City, my new home, and the entire East Coast, insults me personally by failing to provide me with enough of these glory days. But now, they stretch before us: the Mother’s Day to Juneteenth-ish window of meteorological perfection. I can’t wait. I get to pull out my favorite summer things: denim cutoffs, a square-necked white dress, and the chartreuse linen tunic I bought in India a few years ago.

It turns out I may be in the minority for hanging onto old clothes: Most Americans wear each garment only seven times, and toss an astounding 81 pounds of textiles a year. I want you, too, to have favorite things that you wear over and over again, so I've put together not only a selection of choices, but also the tips you need to make them last, and suggestions for what to do when your love affair with them fades.

The companies here make quality clothing that at least one of us here at Bluedot loves. You’ll find everything from suits to onesies, for men, women, and kids, in a range of natural and organic fabrics, perfect for keeping you cool in summer. 

Enjoy this glorious season. And happy shopping! 
–Elizabeth Weinstein, Marketplace Editor

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Woman in red linen pants and white linen shirt looks at camera.

Eileen Fisher

Bluedot founder Vicki Riskin has been wearing Eileen Fisher for years, and said she’d wear anything the company sells. The company uses a “circular by design” philosophy — designing “with the future in mind” — sustainable fabrics, fair working conditions, and high-quality manufacturing to ensure a long life. 

Woman wearing green, dotted dress on beach

Amour Vert

Bluedot founder Vicki Riskin bought an Amour Vert sweater that she loves, but claims she also wants “everything.” Between amourvert.Com and ReAmour, the company’s resale marketplace for pre-loved Amour Vert pieces, she could make quite a dent in her wish list. High quality, classic style pieces like these can stay in circulation for years!

Reformation Apparel

Reformation’s got you covered while it’s still shoulder-bearing season. Check out the sales at this uber-sustainable company that aims to bring responsible fashion to all. Bluedot family member Simone loves the tops and dresses.

Monica + Andy Organic Kids’ Clothing

Monica + Andy makes whimsical organic cotton clothing for children, with sizing available for newborns going up to age 10. The clothes are adorable, but not fancy: it’s stuff for kids to be kids in. The family that really loves matching can also shop Mommy + Me and Daddy + Me outfits.


Everyday shoes with style and sustainability — they’re made from recycled plastic bottles (125 million to date). “They’re the best,” says Bluedot founder Victoria Riskin, who owns several pairs.

A brown-haired man and a blonde woman in color clothing from Toad&Co sit in front of a tiled wall.

Toad&Co Apparel

Toad&Co’s clothes make you want to fill a suitcase or backpack and just go somewhere. The smart assortment of sustainable separates could outfit you for most plans, whether they include a walk along the Vineyard’s Great Ponds, a tour of Bangkok’s temples, or a hike in Provençal wine country.

A woman stands on a beach in cutoff jean shorts and a mauve and cream colored flannel shirt from sustainable clothing brand Outerknown. Photo Credit Outerknown.

Outerknown Apparel

Apparel maker Outerknown, founded by champion surfer Kelly Slater, strives to “make excellent-quality, sustainable products that last a lifetime.” The brand’s relaxed, California-cool duds almost belie just how seriously the company takes its mission. Outerknown aims for complete circularity by 2030.

Neu Nomads Apparel

Started by two women and fashion industry veterans, Neu Nomads brings an “ethics first” approach and commitment to traceability. They go deep on every angle, from sourcing sustainable materials to their good labor practices and recyclable, biodegradable packaging. And, we love their clothing, especially the separates.

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